Pilot project with

animal protection organisation

The SIRIUS Animal Protection Association  is a non-profit organisation set up on 10 February 2001. Sirius is registered in the Register of Associations and has also been a member of the Canarian Federation of Animal and Plant Protection Associations (FECAPAP) since its constitution in 2003.

It has its headquarters in Tenerife and its objective is the protection and defence of animals, an objective that it has been developing since the date of constitution of the Association.

The shelter has facilities in the municipality of Güímar with the capacity to give temporary shelter to a certain number of abandoned dogs and cats. Here they are cared for by an employee of the Association who works part-time and by several volunteers who altruistically dedicate part of their time every day to cleaning the cages and caring for the animals. The capacity of these facilities is limited, and their conditions are very basic. The shelter depends on external donations and, in many cases, on the financial contributions of the volunteers themselves, with the funds being used primarily for the animals’ food and health care. 

In collaboration with the Sirius Shelter, the Canarina Foundation has carried out actions to improve the facilities by repairing damage, painting, creating shade or fixing drains to contribute, in short, to the improvement of the environment in which the animals live and in which the volunteers carry out their work.