Regenerative Project

Finca Tamaide

Finca Tamaide is an area of about 4000 m² in the south of Tenerife, at an altitude of 550 metres above sea level. The aim of this regenerative project is to promote the gradual recovery of the soil and the potential ecosystem of the area, which corresponds to the transitions between the high altitudes of the tabaibal-cardonal, the thermophile forests and the thermal pine forests of the south of the island of Tenerife. In addition to being a nucleus for the protection and promotion of conservation and the increase of the ecological value of the area, it aims to be an example of agricultural practices that promote sustainable rural development, combining both the regeneration of the ecosystem and the production of food and other elements necessary for the life of the people, providing food security and sovereignty to the place and promoting a healthy, safe and sustainable local development that will last over time. The aim is to create a productive and edible native forest through the design of an agroforestry system that, based on the principles of agroecology, aims to become an agroecological beacon that serves as a reference in the area and functions as a stable, resilient and sustainable productive system. The design technique used has been fundamentally inspired by Analogue Forestry, an ecological restoration tool and school developed by Dr. Ranil Senanayake (Sri Lanka), and which is defined as the method of creating a silvicultural system that seeks to create a tree-dominated ecosystem that is analogous to the original mature ecosystem in architectural structure and ecological function.

This Project aims to be a space where, in addition to generating a restoration of the ecosystem, it can promote a transformation in people and in their relationships with each other and with the environment. A system that the community can be part of in order to promote resilience, sustainability and fairer and more egalitarian relationships. We firmly believe that the care and cultivation of the forest will bring us back to what we are, the forest will take care of us and cultivate us, because we are forest.

Author: Jonathan García