Canary native gardens

Native gardening gives priority to the use of local plants over exotic plants, although it can also introduce species which, although foreign, are totally naturalised and are not invasive (i.e. which do not dominate the rest of the local plants, putting the survival of the native varieties at risk by displacing them).

We are now realising the importance of designing our gardens with native plants, as this helps us to conserve biodiversity, to manage water more efficiently, to control pests in a more sustainable way or to avoid the introduction of invasive exotic species, along with many other benefits.

Thanks to the use of native species, adapted to the climatic conditions of the place where they are found, this type of gardening consumes a minimum of water. But apart from the lower water consumption, there are many advantages for the environment and for our economy that native gardening has.

We offer the following informative document which has been used for the replacement of exotic gardens by Canarian gardens in a hotel chain in the south of Tenerife. We hope that it can serve as a basis and inspiration to promote this initiative in all kinds of areas, such as schools, private homes, communities of neighbours, municipal green areas or any other type of garden installation.