Eco-social entrepreneurship

We understand eco-social entrepreneurship as that entrepreneurship which develops within the framework of the so-called “Social and Solidarity Economy” (SSE); therefore eco-social entrepreneurship subscribes to the principles of the “Charter of Principles of the Solidarity Economy“, which are the basis and characteristics that guide both the vision and practice of SSE organisations and the relationships with other actors, as well as the economic, social and political project that drives the movement as a whole.
At the Canarina Foundation, we have subscribed to this “Charter of Principles of the Solidarity Economy” and the framework offered by the SSE. As a result of our commitment to the development of the SSE in the Canary Islands, we have created the “School of Eco-Social Entrepreneurship“, a space where we:

  1. Learn from and support each other to develop ecosocial projects that allow us to focus on caring for life.
  2. Provide free training and advice to individuals and groups who want to develop an ecosocial entrepreneurship project.
  3. Promote specific projects that work for ecosocial change in the Canary Islands, such as supporting the development of Tenerife’s energy community, Tenergética S. Coop.