Energy community

An energy community is a group of neighbours, SMEs and local public administrations that, under a legal form, organise themselves to produce and consume their own 100% renewable
energy, locally, collectively and democratically managed, with a triple objective:

  • Economic savings. We seek to obtain economic savings in our electricity bills as a result of obtaining 100% renewable energy from our own photovoltaic installations, in the best possible economic conditions.
  • Reduction of the carbon footprint. The Energy Communities, and their commitment to decentralisation and local production of renewable energies, are one of the instruments with the greatest potential for reversing the climate crisis in which we are immersed.
  • Energy sovereignty. We are committed to the collective ownership of energy. To this end, we collectively and democratically produce and manage the energy we produce in our own photovoltaic installations.

From the Canarina Foundation, we have partnered and supported with different resources the development of the Tenerife Island Energy Community, TENERGÉTICA S.Coop, a non-profit energy community, where the Common Purpose is to “produce, consume and manage collectively and democratically our own 100% renewable energy, and inspire and support other groups in this same purpose”.