Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: What is our mission and what do we do to achieve it?

Our task is to help protect, conserve and restore nature, the environment and the ecosystems of the Canary Islands.

To do this, we promote and develop projects that contribute to:

  • Broadening people’s environmental education and awareness.
  • Achieve food and energy sovereignty for the islands.
  • Enhance the value of the nature of the archipelago through research and dissemination of scientific knowledge.
  • To improve the protection of natural spaces and their values, as well as the legislative framework that protects them.

In short, we want to achieve the recovery and maintenance of our legitimate natural heritage in all its diversity, through conscious action in the different spheres of society.

Vision: What do we want to achieve as an organisation?

We want to become a reference in the following aspects:

  • Environmental fight: our main commitment is the defence of the environment and animal protection in the Canary Islands. We want to contribute to placing the care of nature and the environment as a priority for society, for the economy and even for the politics of the islands.
  • Human value: we have a multidisciplinary team made up of trained, involved, responsible people with values, who believe that another world is possible. We encourage teamwork, continuous training and personal and professional conciliation.
  • Responsible management: our management is based on social and environmental awareness, on professional ethics and on the sensible administration of our economic resources, so that our activities are viable in the long term.

Values: What are the values and principles that guide us?

  • Sovereignty. We are very fortunate to be financially independent, which means that we are not subject to the dictates of external political or business entities. We consider this to be our main strength, as it gives us the wings to act in a way that is totally in line with our principles, really working as a tool for society and not at the service of specific interests.
  • Social and environmental responsibility. The fight for a fairer, more caring, sustainable and healthy world, both for the planet and for the people who inhabit it, in our case is not a marketing strategy. It is a reality.
  • Connection and cooperation. The basis of the social, economic and environmental problems of the planet is the conception that we are beings separated from the rest, that our existence is individual and that what we do only affects us. The paradigm shift is to understand that we are all part of an interconnected and interdependent system, and that this system does not work through competition, but through collective cooperation. We are one.
  • Transformation. We start from the conviction that it is vitally important to rethink the way people relate to Nature and to all the living beings that make it up, including people themselves. We intend, through projects with a high potential for transformation and replicability, to do our bit to gradually lead society towards this metamorphosis. We believe that, from a well-managed private initiative, with integrity and values, it is possible to change things.
  • Coherence. We want the Foundation to be consistent with these principles in all its areas of operation.
    That is why we apply, as far as possible, ethical and environmental criteria to all our activities, from fundraising to the selection of staff, suppliers and collaborators. In the world in which we live it is not easy to be coherent and we are still far from achieving it, but we continue to learn and improve day by day.
  • Creativity and innovation. We don’t want to do things as usual. We want to contribute different points of view and solutions to the challenges we face, using imagination and inventiveness to generate and apply methodologies that are productive and bring us closer to our goals.

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In the interest of honouring our values, we do not copy and paste, so the wording of this Mission, Vision and
Values is entirely our own, word for word.
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