Our Objectives

The Foundation pursues exclusively and directly public utility purposes, its specific objective being the protection of the environment and animals.

The Statutes establish that this objective will be achieved through the carrying out of studies and scientific events, the awarding of research projects, the support of training in the environmental field and conscious behaviour for the conservation of Nature.

Our Statutes include the following aims of the Foundation, which will be developed exclusively in the Canary Islands archipelago:


  • Protecting animals, in a broadest sense.
  • Protect, conserve and restore nature, the environment and ecosystems, including all their resources (flora, fauna, soil, atmosphere, climate and landscape).
  • Promote, create and extend protected natural areas.
  • Promote actions to raise awareness of respect for animals, nature and the environment.
  • Support projects that contribute to the sustainable development of the territory and to food and energy sovereignty.
  • Promote sustainable economic activities that respect the natural enviroment
Águila pescadora

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