Who we are

Author of numerous books for children and adults, illustrator and artist.

German Youth Literature Prize, among many other distinctions.

Born in Hindenburg / Upper Silesia, he has found his personal paradise in Tenerife since 1980.

As an inner concern, Janosch has always been involved in environmental and animal protection projects.

His motto in life is “I don’t need anything, because I have everything I need. That is to say, nothing”.

Horst Eckert - Janosch

Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of La Laguna and Master in Environmental Management.

She has worked for years in various projects in the Canary Islands as an environmental technician, trainer and official tourist guide.

Anne Striewe

Soul and founder of Canarina together with her husband Horst Eckert.

Great lovers of animals and nature, they decided to start this project in the Canary Islands, where they have lived for more than 40 years.


Ines Eckert

German lawyer, advisor and member of the advisory board of foundations and family businesses.

Author of textbooks and lecturer on inheritance and foundation law. Adviser to charitable foundations.

Elmar Uricher

Diploma in Hotel Management with training in Quality and Environment.

Since 2009, she has worked in several hotels as team manager, environmental ambassador and head of quality
and environment in different hotel chains.

Cristina González

Psychologist. Masters in agroecology, food sovereignty, urban ecology and collaboration for rural
development. Specialises in Systemic Therapy and Narrative and Collaborative Practices.

Facilitator of action and reflection processes to create more humane, just and ecological relationships.

Xavier Lobo

Environmental scientist and Master in Oceanography.
Always turned towards the sea, she has been dedicated to scientific observation on fishing vessels for many
years. She is also an official whale watching guide and a keen scuba diver.


Mónica González

Community Dynamiser.

She has been working for years on the management of community projects with a systemic and permacultural
perspective. Nature lover and activist of agroecology as a movement for environmental, political and social

Marta Domínguez

Environmental Education Technician and Higher Technician in Early Childhood Education.

Since 2007 she has worked as an environmental educator and on coordination, management and teaching
projects to promote a change in values and attitudes towards the environment.

Laura Álvarez

Diploma in Tourism and expert in marketing, social media and community management.
Experience in marketing, communication and social media management for different companies and brands,
as well as in the commercial management of several hotels in Tenerife.

Cristina Iglesias

Graduate in Environmental Sciences, Master in Biotechnology for Environmental Sustainability and with experience in environmental education.

Trained in parallel in contemporary dance, she fuses education and art to move consciences and awaken sensitivity and respect for nature.

Iraya Noble

Engineer. Master’s degree in project management. Expert in environmental consultancy, advisory and management.

Advisor for EcoSocial Entrepreneurship initiatives. With experience in the creation, facilitation, maturation and consolidation of projects for eco-social transition.

Rubén Fuentes Beltrán

High-level Technician in Management and Organization of Natural and Landscape Resources.

Graduate in Primary Education. Has collaborated in various volunteer activities and flora and fauna projects, in addition to having experience in different fields of environmental education.

Moisés Arocha

Higher Technical Degree in Computer Systems Administration and Administrative Management.

With extensive training, she has worked in the field of IT and administration. She loves and defends nature, and is aware of the need to support environmental struggles.

Susana Stahmann Dorta

Digitisation expert and volunteer for nature conservation organisations.

As a passionate defender of Canarian nature, especially flora, he believes in the power of the community to change things.

At the foundation, he works to promote these changes through agroecology.

Iván Cerdeña Molina

Technical in Natural and Landscape Resources. Teacher in Professional Training for Employment.

With experience in socio-environmental research projects and in the management and organization of groups. On a personal level, she is passionate about flora and high mountain sports.

Marta Fernández

Economist and activist in environmental organisations.

He has participated in various environmental and social advocacy groups.

Advocate of process work, facilitation and dialogue skills as tools for change.

Federico Ghijs

Graduate in Economics and specialised in Social Economy.

Since 2012 he has redirected his financial career towards the Third Sector: Ethical Banking, Social Economy Consultancy and Foundations. He is passionate about vegetarian cuisine and all artistic manifestations.

Juan Pablo Gil

A great lover of nature, sports and outdoor activities.

He has left the world of commerce and cooking to work in the service of nature conservation at our Finca Tamaide.


Héctor Suárez